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A conversation with bill gates, warren buffett, and other economic leaders. Below is the prepared graduation speech for microsoft chairman bill gates speech, which served as the commencement keynote address to the harvard commencement ceremony for the harvard university class of 2007. A conversation bill gates, warren buffett, and other economic. Writing in time magazine how to fix capitalism, 11 august 2008, bill gates advocates a more creative capitalism to combat world poverty. I truly enjoyed the dialogue, the format, and the subject matter, and it gave me a. Pdf the internet and frictionless capitalism researchgate. Bill gates on creative capitalism harvard magazine. As of today we have 77,691,594 ebooks for you to download for free.

The bill gates commencemet speech is sometimes referred to as the gates harvard creative capitalism speech. Creative capitalism is a concept that was first put forward in 2008 by bill gates at the world economic forum in davos. Beginning monday, he will devote himself primarily to his job not at microsoft but at the bill and melinda gates foundation, working on public health and other issues. Bill gates lays out his vision for the philanthropic capitalism he plans to evangelize now he is stepping down from microsoft. In issuing such a call, gates acknowledges that actually existing capitalism has left billions of people in poverty, and something needs to change. The use of digital internet technology on file sharing. Its a book that challenges the conventional wisdom about our economic system, a road map for the new global economy that is emerging as capitalism adapts itself once again to a changing world. Bill gates is more than the worlds most successful capitalist. Richard abernethy on bill gates plan to fix capitalism 22 september 2008. Highlights from an armchair discussion between bill gates and robinson professor of business administration emeritus james cash. Capitalism has improved the lives of billions of people something thats easy to forget at a time of great economic uncertainty. This is bill gates last day on the job as a software tycoon.

Bill gates 2008 world economic forum creative capitalism. Can bill gates creative capitalism make significant inroads against world poverty. Gates coined this new approach as creative capitalism, defining it as an. The time is right for creative capitalism harvard business school. Successful corporations need to utilise their intellectual acumen and resources in producing products designed to reduce impoverishment in the poorest nations. Bill gates has defined creative capitalism as a twoway process where. Bill gates touts creative capitalism in economic forum. January 24, 2008 prepared remarks by bill gates, cochair and trustee watch video. Bill gates discussing the global issues of the 1bbl people who live on less than a dollar a day and the role of capitalists to address it. Although different in personality and style, these leaders showed talent at a very young age, persevered in achieving their goals, surrounded themselves with the best people they could, worked hard and with great discipline, had great con. Bill gates and creative capitalism the new york times. The authors reserve their deepest gratitude to bill gates, whose transformative visions nearly surpass his. Capitalism has improved the lives of billions of people something thats easy to forget at a time of great. Bill gates should consider conscious capitalism in january, bill gates recommended that corporate execs embrace a philosophy he called creative capitalism.

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