Terminator the sarah connor chronicles season 3 fanfiction

Picks up where the show left off john and catherine go to the future to find john h. John is in the future, sarah is in the present, and cameron is an empty shell. Sarah connor chronicles fanfiction archive fanfiction. Sarah connor chronicles crossover the future is uncertain. Will deal with multiple parings, and unless specifically stated each chapter will be its own independent story. The sarah connor chronicles producer and io9 guestblogger josh friedman has been tightlipped about what would have happened in the shows third season. There is a promotional picture of her holding a gun, even though she was never seen using one in the show. His other works are worth a look at as well, in particular his uplifted series of alternate histories, and the mass effect terminator. The sarah connor chronicles i was hopeful this show would get a third season. Suggestions for future chapters welcome, the more detailed the better, but no guarantees. Sarah connor chronicles season 3 would have featured. The events are set after the movie terminator 2, but before terminator 3 and so on. John connor would have grown close with allison young. Now, mother and son will work from different timelines to achieve the same goal.

Using the writing form im familiar and comfortable with, ive written a 22episode season 3 of fulllength hourlong scripts, and have. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. In a future that was never meant to be, how far is john connor willing to go in order to be reunited with the one he loves. Dont miss this fans ideas for the final season of the sarah connor chronicles. Turning away to look away from his uncle of this time john looks around the small area seeing. The show focuses around sarah and john connor and his female guardian, cameron.

Sarah connor chronicles fanfiction archive with over 1666 stories. At2 model alpha terminator this is my version of how i wish tscc season would be, if it is ever made. Sarah connor chronicles crossover fanfiction archive. So after watching the first two seasons of terminator. Both she and the character, or its original and her husband lachlan weaver, are scottish. In the first season we see john find out that skynet wants to kill him and a terminator named cameron was sent back through time to protect him. Catherine weaver is portrayed by scottish singer shirley manson. Johns destiny would have been explored and how in the new reality he was not leading the resistance. Terminator the sarah connor chronicles season 3 youtube.

The sarah connor chronicles category 51 stories at twisting the hellmouth. He encounters a new terminator who could ultimately decide the. Sarah connor chronicles fanfiction archive with over 1,666 stories. After entering a future darker than he ever imagined can john find the one he seeks and make it back to his time or will unexpected events take place forcing him to embrace. The multichapter fiction is based on season three revelations. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the terminator. Large print handheld audio rating fr7 fr fr15 fr18 fr21 using. Explores brilliantly how the resistance works, and just why john is so good as a leader. A collection of erotic stories, mostly oneshots, set in the various terminator worlds, mostly focusing on the sarah connor chronicles. Fanfiction, a continuation of the tv series terminator. Judgment day, sarah connor vanquished the terminator sent from the future to kill her 15yearold son. Terminator the sarah connor chronicles season 3 trailer.

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